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Despite their popular associations with science fiction, motion controls have actually played a role in the human-computer
interaction space for a while.Motion controls have popped up in a variety of fields including gaming, art, and most recently virtual reality.

My concept is based on enhancing the leap motion experience with mixed interface.This can be brought about by bringing real world surfaces to the virtual; world, and by experiencing surface collision virtually

The project can help leap motion in the following case:

Incase of a virtual environment with a collaborative interactive surface Tab (Ipad , Smart phone any interative device which have browers base capability with virtual environment)
-Any surface can be used as interactive surface in virtual world
- One can draw on any surface in the virtual world.


1.Collaborative Interaction with virtual environment

2.Virtual Sketching + Collaborative Sketching

3.Haptic Feedback in Virtual Environment:

4.Immersive Configurator:


This concept brings out USER ENGINEERING in the true sense.
Please watch the video for a better understanding of the concept.
Incase of any comments or questions , please comment below. any


Enhance the leap motion experience with new Mixed interface. This project can help leap motion to get the following use case:

Virtual Environment with Collaborative Interactive SurfaceTab\ ipad interaction with virtual environment•• Any surface can be used as interactive surface in virtual world•• Draw on any surface in virtual worl• Interactive collaborative.

This concept method will bring actual USER Engineering

Published Nov 10, 2015
Tagsdual, experience, mixed, reality

Install instructions

Step to note:

1) load the scene in Asset folder

2) for Browser edit the C# file Plane in Palm Folder in scene tree.


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This is Awesome man...i really liked your idea.

Nice Work!


please feel free to ask question and comments